Human Capital Management System (HCMS)

Human Capital Management System is a management software designed to manage all aspects of human capital resource in an organization.  Offering an end-to-end management of the employee lifecycle from recruitment to retirement, the solution is the right fit for every enterprise that is seeking to optimize human resource and derive maximum value from its workforce.

HCMS offers features such as Payroll Processing, Loan Management, Bulk Management, Tax, Leave Management and Benefit Management together with year-end and pay history reports among many other features that make it the ideal solution for every Human Resource Department.

With HCMS, operational processes are made easier, paper work is reduced and turnaround time is shorter. The general workload is automated and simplified, creating time for more effective work within the organization.

To check fraud and provide data security, HCMS comes with a full audit trail and biometric logins; and all data is automatically backed up for future referrals.

With a user-friendly and easily navigable interface, this solution provides every tool needed for employee management within the comfort of one platform. It is comfortable, secure and user-friendly.

The solution also offers a flexible platform that is easily customizable to suit any business environment and employee size.


HCMS offers an efficient platform to manage and maintain your workforce with total ease!

Maximize your workforce productivity with HCMS.

All your human capital operations in one place; simple and smart!

Tune up your workforce and systems with HCMS.


  • Payroll Management
  • Performance Management (for reward, sanctions, succession, learning, etc)
  • Analytics (records, data management)
  • Personality test.
  • Document Verification
  • Active Directory
  • Leave Roster/Scheduler
  • Training Calendar


Boost your efficiency

With HCMS, your processes are error-free, automated and optimized for efficiency. You get to save time and build a more productive workforce.

Robust reporting system.

HCMS provides a comprehensive enquiry and reporting system which promotes transparency, compliance, and creates an easy trail of information.

Secure and Safe

The cloud based solution ensures total safety and security for data and gives you top-level confidence to explore the platform for maximum productivity.


The solution offers a flexible and easily customizable dashboard to adapt with any business environment.