Mobile Insure

Mobile Insure is a retail insurance solution that guarantees assurance for your precious mobile phones. With Mobile Insure, you can protect your mobile phone from theft, get relief after damage and assurance for value. With Mobile Insure, you are promised a prompt response in the case of an unfortunate incidence.

The solution is available both as a web portal and a mobile app to give you multiple access points to the various features offered on the platform. You can benefit from the tracking technology that keeps an eye on your phone at all times, telling you the location of your phone at any time it is not with you! In cases of theft, the tracker assists law enforcement agents in combating and reducing crime.

Furthermore, the technology tracks your use pattern, to offer you important phone safety tips to enable you maximize value on your phone.

With Mobile Insure cover on your phone, you are insured against other eventualities such as phone screen damage, liquid intrusion, audio port, power port and other handling issues that may arise.

New or used, your phone is truly in safe hands with Mobile Insure. Check any of the listed plans below to choose one that is right for your phone.


Mobile Insure is the best assurance you need; giving you the right confidence to handle your precious phones and covering you against damage, loss and theft.


  • Covers you against theft and phone loss.
  • Easily track location of your phone.
  • Get handling tips to help you get best value from your phone.
  • Flip your phone at the best possible value
  • Instantly calculate the current market value of your phone at any given time.